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5 Reason's Why You Should Buy Theofani's EVOO

In a day and age where 5 year old YouTubers make millions from doing toy reviews, it only makes sense for Theofani’s EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to give you the top 5 reasons why you should Buy Greek EVOO from Theofani’s EVOO.

Our Olive Oil is Tested and Scientifically Proven

Our EVOO is tested year after year to be quality Greek EVOO.  It’s not based on our opinion, it’s what the Modern Olives Laboratory tells us.  We get our Greek EVOO tested every year to determine it has low acidity, high polyphenols, has zero defects, and gets sensory analysis in fruitiness, aroma, bitterness, and pungency.  Every year it comes back with flying colors.  We will be posting the results to our website soon enough.

Theofani’s EVOO comes from one Single Source

When you taste our Greek EVOO, it tastes pure and clean.  That’s not by coincidence!  Unlike big box brands where they get olive oil from all over the world and mix it together to make sure they meet their margins, Theofani’s EVOO is centered around quality, and bringing that quality from where our mother grew up in Greece to your kitchen table.  Theofani’s EVOO is less concerned about margins, and more concerned about your satisfaction.

Quality Control

Theofani’s EVOO is purely an Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand.  It’s all we do, and it’s all we think about 365 days a year.  With that comes meticulous planning, precaution, and drastic measures.  Here are some of the quality driven decisions which results in a better Greek EVOO for our customer.  These decisions lend to better longevity of the EVOO inside the bottle.

  1. Our shaded green 500ml Dorica bottle helps reduce light exposure.

  2. Our full wrap label aids in protecting the quality of the Greek EVOO inside the bottle.

  3. We store our Greek EVOO in a climate controlled facility that never exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lights inside the facility are motion activated which also aids in reducing light exposure.

  4. We swap out our bottles at all of our grocery stores once the new shipment comes in.  This ensures you’re getting the best Greek EVOO we have available.

Koroneiki Greek EVOO tastes amazing

Theofani’s EVOO is a Koroneiki variety.  Koroneiki is the most abundant variety EVOO in Greece but in the United States and especially California, we have a huge Spanish and Italian influence, which brings with it mainly Spanish and Italian varietals and less Greek varietals.  Our Greek EVOO is of medium intensity, and goes great on a Greek salad, charcuterie, dipping with bread, and or using as a finishing oil.  It has green grassy tones which evokes a fresh feeling with every taste.  We know you’ll love it!

Continuing Education & Mastery

Since we are based in Sacramento, California, we have access to the world renowned University of California Davis Olive Center, where we regularly attend seminars, classes, and continue our education.  This allows Theofani’s EVOO to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new studies, and findings.  Christos Fotopoulos, our CEO and co-founder, is an apprentice in one of the olive oil sensory panels.  This apprenticeship is adding to Christos’s keen sense of determining what truly is quality EVOO.

Article By:

Christos Fotopoulos

Published Date

July 16th, 2020

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