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Our Mission to Quality

The Quality

At Theofani's EVOO, we believe great chemistry is the sign of a great olive oil.  Our extra virgin olive oil is low in free fatty acids and high polyphenols.  This balance signifies great quality olives, minimal time between harvest and extraction, proper storage, and low temperatures during extraction.  Polyphenols is an anti-oxidant that aids shelf life and oxidative stability as well as a key indicator of freshness.

Theofani's Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is sourced solely from the western side of Peloponnesus produced near the city of Kyparissia.  

Theofani's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is traditionally cold extracted at production, kept out of sun light, and in climate controlled storage.

The Taste

Theofani's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth like a traditional Greek village olive oil with the right flavorful of fruitiness and after taste.

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