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Tips to Keep Your EVOO Fresh

In order to understand how you keep your EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) as fresh as possible, you first must know the three enemies of EVOO, which include Heat, Light, and Air.

Keeping your EVOO away from these three enemies ensures your EVOO lasts much longer and retains its flavor and health benefits.  


Follow these tips:

1.    Keep your EVOO in a cool dark place, preferably down low, like in a cabinet or wine cellar.  This ensures there is no light or heat harming it.

2.    Once you crack the seal of a bottle of EVOO, it is now exposed to air and starts to oxidize.  Typically EVOO has 4 months from opening before it loses its flavor and health properties, no matter the quality or if it was just harvested.  Once you open a bottle, use it immediately before you open the next one.

3.    Do not put it next to your stove.  I know this is convenient for cooking; however, the stove puts off a lot of heat and this can speed up the aging process of your EVOO.

4.    It’s even recommended if you haven’t opened the bottle, feel free to place it in the freezer, as this will ensure it’s not exposed to heat.  There have been myths about determining EVOO authenticity if the oil congeals or not; however, a U.C. Davis study back in March 2013 disproves this theory (Source Below).  Feel free to freeze or refrigerate the olive oil if need be.

5.    Lastly, consume it quickly! EVOO isn’t wine, it doesn’t get better with time.  Use it as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the wonderful taste of fresh EVOO as soon to the harvest as possible.

Implementing these 5 tips better ensures enjoying every portion of EVOO from the bottle.


Xueqi Li, Selina Wang, PhD; and Dan Flynn. "Refrigeration is not reliable in detecting olive oil adulteration" Report, UC Davis Olive Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute, March 2013,

Article By:

Christos Fotopoulos

Published Date

July 27th, 2020

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