Theofani's EVOO Food Service Offering

Theofani's EVOO is excited to offer a 3 Liter to our Food Service Customers in restaurants. 


Our mission is to bring a premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and We are excited to introduce this product to Restaurant Chef's in California and across the United States of America.

Like our customer favorite 500ml bottle of premium Koroneiki Greek EVOO, this product is a larger volume of the same high quality EVOO entirely sole sourced from the Kyparissia region of Greece.  The founders family roots are from this area of Greece known for its pristine climate for growing and harvesting premium Koroneiki Greek EVOO, sometimes called the "Gold of Greece."


Please contact Christos Fotopoulos for sales inquiries: 

     Primary Phone:    (916) 812 - 5468

     Primary Email:

Theofani's EVOO | Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Sacramento, CA USA

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