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About Theofani's EVOO

The Story

In Greece, producing olive oil has been a tradition in our family for generations.  Theofani’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the passion and dream of cousins to bring a cherished Greek olive oil to America.

Theofani & The Owl

The brand’s name and symbol are tributes to our mothers, Theofani & Toula, who were raised in a village in Greece and lived together in Athens, but later separated for the opportunity to come to America.

The owl, known in Greek mythology as being a bird of wisdom and protection, was a fitting nickname given to Toula, who shared these same traits.

The Oil

Theofani’s EVOO comes from Messenia, Greece.  There the olive groves breathe the invigorating breeze of the Ionian Sea, creating a divine microclimate, resulting in a unique olive oil.  This EVOO rich region is known for producing traditional Koroneiki olive oils of medium intensity.  Theofani’s EVOO invites you on this personal experience.

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