Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Theofani's EVOO is the inspiration of family members with traditions rooted in harvesting Greek Koroneiki Olives for the production of Olive Oil.

Our EVOO Offers

Single Sourced from Greece

Our EVOO is single sourced from Kyparissia, Greece which is in Messinia Peloponnesos an area renowned for the production of high quality Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sourced from one local region of Greece, full of the same trees and micro-climate, ensures the characteristics of our EVOO.

Independently Graded

Our EVOO is independently tested both in Greece and USA.  The Modern Olives laboratory in Woodland, CA has graded our product as Extra Virgin Olive Oil with low acidity and high polyphenols.

Quality by Design and Process

Our design and process protects our products quality from the harmful elements that can effect Olive Oil.  This ensures the quality of our Olive Oil whether it is picked up at the store or shipped anywhere in the USA.

A Traditional Taste of Greek EVOO

Our EVOO's taste is a product of the source and process. Greece is known for its Olive Oil as a chief product of the country.  Our EVOO has a traditional taste and smell of a Greek Olive Oil.

Our Focus and Passion

Creating and bringing a Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the focus and passion of Theofani's EVOO every season.  Authentic and great tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our commitment.

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